Book an experience and see African life up close and personal. We offer many charity-based activities to get involved and give back! Please e-mail us to book your experience today. Advanced notice required for many experiences.

Nakweni Private Maasai Village Adventure

Most Popular Add-On For Visitors On Safari

Live the life of a Maasai! Immerse yourself in the rich culture of one of Africas last remaining indigenous tribes. Spend the day living alongside the Maasai in their small village, Guided by English speaking Maasai you will learn the history and culture of their tribe and live as they do in all their daily activities.

$120 per person
12 hours (8am-8pm)
30 min drive
(3-day notice)
Transfer included
Overnight option below

Exclusive private authentic Maasai village experience

Engage in the daily husbandry of the Maasai cattle herd which is the lifeblood of their communities. Follow the women while cooking, finding water and firewood. Learn how to make beautiful beadwork. Visit the local Maasai school. Be taught by a Maasai warrior how to throw spears. Learn all of their traditional healing plants and their usage. In the evening village women sing and dance and then set under the stars by a campfire and watch the men in their traditional dance and song. Lunchbox and dinner box included)

Extra options include:
Traditional slaughter and roast goat dinner | $85 per goat

Overnight stay in traditional Maasai Boma | $80 per person (transfer included)
lunch box/dinner and breakfast included • 8am-10am next day

Spend the night in a traditional Maasai home. This is truly the environment the Maasai live in. Fall asleep to the sounds of the African night and awaken to the laughter of Maasai children. Bush toilets.

Nakweni is an authentic Maasai village 20 minutes from the STEMM campus. STEMM works exclusively and closely with this village to empower their people through many different venues. We respect their culture and privacy. We work with the village to bring a private tour setting as not to disrupt their environment.

Making natural fire
Bau game
Cooking traditional food

Tanzanian Cooking Lessons with STEMM chef

Celebrate the food traditions of Tanzania. Immerse yourself in a new cuisine, learn cooking techniques and dishes by our very own chef.

$30 per person
3 hours (1pm-4pm)
3-day notice required

Pick fresh local fruits, vegetables, and herbs from our kitchen garden to prepare traditional Tanzanian meals.

Kikweletwa Hot Springs

Perfect For Explorers

The Kikuletwa Hot Springs provides an authentic adventure for the explorer seeking to go off the beaten path. Located between Moshi and Arusha, the mesmerizing paradise of the hot spring is a must for visitors looking to experience true Tanzanian beauty.

$60 per person
$30 kids under 12
6 hours (10am-4pm)
1-hour drive
24 hour notice required

Find a hidden paradise inside a dusty and barren landscape.

Clear turquoise waters fed from underground caverns make this spot perfect for swimming and relaxing. Get your feet exfoliated by the Garra Ruffa fish who will nibble at them. Swing off the trees into the clear waters. Lunch served at the local kitchen.

Oxcart Ride

An experience not to be missed, oxcart rides provide a unique way of discovering the picturesque landscape of Tanzania.

$30 per person
$10 kids under 12
Hours flexible (2 hours)
24-hour notice required

Travel as you have never experienced before. Enjoy a rustic ride from STEMM Retreat through the village and surrounding area to meet our local villagers.

Village Walk

Walking is a way of life and meeting the native people is the extra-special ingredient to making your experience one to remember. The scenery, culture and landscape make an incredible backdrop to the inspiring memories you’ll have for life.

$20 per person.
$10 kids under 12
Hours flexible (2 hours)
8-hour notice required

Experience local village life up close and personal on this guided village walk to meet local neighbors and see how the average Tanzanian lives. Tour the neighborhood near STEMM Retreat Center.

Maasai Traditional Fireside Dance at STEMM

Most Requested Add-On For Corporate Retreats

Amazed by history underneath the open sky, revel in the performance of the traditional cultural dance of the Maasai as they dance by a campfire.

2 hours (6pm-9pm)
2-day notice required

Relax in the comfort of the STEMM Mountainview Retreat Center as 6 Maasai men come in to perform a traditional dance by a campfire. Sit in comfortable hide skin chairs under the African night sky and be amazed by the history and culture of the Maasai.

Extra Option
Goat BBQ and dinner with Maasai | $85
Spend time asking questions and dining with Maasai men after their traditional fireside dance. Beautiful outdoor dining.

STEMM School Lunch Program

Most Popular Request For Missionary-Led Experience

There is nothing more powerful and inspiring than serving others. Join our STEMM team to help feed local primary children. Make an impact and be filled with pure joy.

$30 per person
$10 Kids under 12
3 hours (11am-2pm)
5 min. walk
1-day notice required

Help cook and feed area primary school children. STEMM is currently partnering with the school boards and students parents to provide a hot protein based meal a day to over 3,000 local primary students. Experience the satisfaction of serving!

Saturday Shombari Market

A day at the market is the best way to submerse yourself in an exciting culture. Experience the energy firsthand, explore artifacts and local products, and find a variety of beauty.

$40 per person
$15 kids under 12
4 hours (10am-2pm)
15 min. drive from STEMM
2-day notice required

Spend a leisurely Saturday browsing through all the produce and products at the huge market. There is nothing touristy about this… it’s the real deal. Enjoy freshly roasted goat and locally made traditional items villagers need.

Arusha National Park

The Arusha National Park is a popular destination day trip for visitors who are seeking a safari environment. The Park features spectacular views of Mt. Meru, the Ngurdoto Crater, and the lush highland forests that blanket its lower slopes.

Safari Tour

Enjoy an African Safari tour, available through a separate company. Please call or e-mail for availability and to find out more information.